Plint! is an exciting twist to buy viagra per pill the classic falling blocks puzzle game, offering powerups, an evil smiley fellow, 4 game modes to choose from and local / global high scores. You think you can compete? Come and join the fun!

Plint! introduces an annoying evil fellow, a smiley character who loves to order viagra cialis levitra pharmacy confuse you by flipping Left/Right controls, so when this guy shows up, be careful!


Make wise use of the following powerups, they might save you from a potential disaster! A perfect way to enhance your gameplay experience and reach the top of the charts.

Stop the time for a couple of seconds, decide where to place this falling block, and save the day! Do you see an opening at the bottom of the level? Maybe if you rotate the entire level using this powerup, you can place the falling block where it belongs! Stack those powerups and see your score skyrocket! Probably the best way to reach a truly high score. Use this lethal weapon to destroy blocks you don’t like, however the destroyed blocks won’t give you extra points!

Select from 4 game modes, each having it’s own high score rating:

(Full Mode) (Cheater Mode) (Pro Mode) (Classic Mode)
Fairplay; you have powerups, computer has the smiley fellow, keep an eye on him! If you can’t handle the confusion of the smiley fellow, play with powerups only; you will probably see higher scores here. No help for you! Be careful of the smiley fellow, as he is the only “help” you get! Classic falling blocks experience. No powerups, no smiley fellow, just focus on your blocks.

Plint! is fully themeable, select from 4 built-in themes and generic viagra tadalafil levitra comparison 4 music styles, more coming soon.

Apart from local highscores, you can upload your scores to a global highscore database, thus, you can compete and beat your friends, as well as numerous players around the world! Don’t forget, you can play your own part in the game! Send us your feedback about the game and help us improve the experience! The testers found it addicting, challenging and competitive! How about you? Enjoy it and prove us how good you are by doing a high score… are you ready?


User Comments

Shannon, Canada
“I fairly enjoy this game. It’s exactly like tetris, but with a twist. It really throws you off your game when the annoying devils pop up and cutting 20mg cialis reverse your controls and/or place a random piece where you’ve been planning to fill for some time. Its very entertaining, and always posses new challenges every minute.I find this to be a fantastic game, and well worth trying out. It’ll bring you back to cialis europe cheap viagra the old days of tetris, and test your skills. Great Job!”